Pastor Greg Locke Sermons (Wikipedia , Bio , Net Worth 2018)

Pastor Greg Locke Sermons (Wikipedia , Bio , Net Worth 2018)

Today we are going to discuss on a very special person , Pastor Greg Locke Sermons (Wikipedia , Bio , Net Worth 2018) , FAMILY Pastor Greg Locke @pastorlocke , who described himself as Outspoken Pastor. Expository preacher. Unashamed of the Gospel. I preach. I give. I ride mountain bikes. I run. Pastor Greg Locke Sermons (Wikipedia , Bio , Net Worth 2018)

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– I love the Biblical phrase, “And it came to pass”. Why? Cause it never comes to stay. It always comes to pass.

– 1. Looking down = Depressed 2. Looking around = Oppressed 3. Looking up = Impressed God is so much bigger than what you’re facing.

– Let’s just all be happy the fire was only in the home in Chappaqua. If she had won, the entire world would be on fire right now.

– “This kind can come out only by prayer and fasting.”- Mark 9:29 Sometimes you have to get desperate enough to push back while you pray through.

– It’s and we need to rid the world of Kim Jong Un so people can relax. What a big baby. He’s a tyrannical dictator bent on the destruction of his own people.

– Good for you people of Iran. Push back against those vicious thugs in power. Your leaders fear you and they should. Take your country back. STAND UP. SPEAK OUT.

Today, choose to live in a way that: 1. Glorifies God. 2. Furthers the Kingdom. 3. Meets the needs of others. 4. Heals the brokenness around you. 5. Gives unselfishly. 6. Walks in His fullness.

Here goes: 1. Jesus is the ONLY way to Heaven. 2. The Bible IS the Word of God. 3. Sodomy IS sin. 4. Abortion is MURDER. 5. I stand for the National Anthem. 6. It’s Merry Christmas NOT Happy Holidays. 7. Your disapproval means nothing to me.

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