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  1. please i want to know more if mlc will be still continue to function or not? since our dream are matured during this whole period but we cant login in.

  2. When will your webpage of MYMLC247 be back for business it has been a month now since your webpage disappeared with no trace of any information to its members hence we have been patiently waiting but no response from your support team we need answers

  3. i have invested so much money in this i sold half of my properties but it looks like this is just not legit and if it is get back to us we need answers

  4. Is it possible to get our seed capital from whoever started this noble initiative or the keepers that have funds. I am sure they can see how people are desperate with their loses. . Can MLC just make that brave announcement whether they are coming back or gone forever instead of leaving us in suspense. Remember you can run but not hide, regardless of how long it will take, one day the hand of the Lord will reach you

  5. people are going out of they mind here. Please we don’t want to loose life because of this. people took loans and they are going crazy because of this. they don’t know what to do anymore. Please do something or pay back people money. or fix the problem soon.

    • The things is u disappear without telling us the truth, and it’s a month now no hope weather it will come or not it’s fine for good,it’s only 2 weeks for February to finish than we wl know the truth n make peace with it..

  6. Please we wanted to know if mylifechange 247e will come back please informed us when the website being active as ecau we in dark even when we try to open the the new web information

  7. I really don’t think mylifechange is coming back. they took away our money and ran away. am so heart broken about this situation. some of us we invested this money to help us buy our kids school needs. will pray for them until something happened to them.

  8. Fuck mlc … I’ve been trying to withdraw my money from last year 16 December and still now nothing. I can’t even log in my account now

  9. Guyz this ONLINE MONEY making schemes are really trending ,PLS be very carefull they are using one method of either 75% or 85% compound interest , I just discovered that they are same people who started 247 but using DIFFERENT name LIKE my life change 247, VIVA MLC ,MY DEPOSIT 247,BE MY KEEPER etc.

  10. This is just nonsense of money making schemes THEY MUST BE EXPOSED. They give falls hope to people making them to believe they will be making money if you check they DONT EVEN LAST FOR A YEAR.
    Their schemes collapse without giving any notice.
    My ADVICE guys le us not be lazy and think we will sleep and woke up rich it does not work like that!!!!
    PLEASE GUYS with that small amount you have start small business and TRUST GOD. HE will take it from there.

  11. Guys let’s move on we all lost. Life goes on follow my link let’s try something else today u up tomorrow u down it is life follow my link I got somethin bettahttp://www.dreams2reality247.com/account/register/?refer=Paul

  12. You donate money at your own risk and that’s even on there page. But we choose to ignore that. They are not coming back, but what I’m certain of is that they will return as a new scheme. That’s always the case.

  13. Mina nje have no comments ngcono nomholiswano kunalenyongo even thou its gone with our money where a ppl laba who invited us what do they have to say about this, shud have bought my kids danone rather to waste my money on this stupid thing, its same like MMM which was gone nemali zabantu

  14. you people are deceived and you can dream on. No mlc247 coming back, it is fake business and stole most peoples money. WAKE UP!

  15. lol do you really believe in this wealth24seven is now back but we can not get our money back so they are just coming back to collect more

  16. Please if you have a heart return our monies, God will allow you to live in peace, remember that all good things will come to a end when heàrts of the people you robbed are praying and crying.

  17. Guys if you have lost big money is possible to trace those criminals with their bank accounts number through those emails that they were using

  18. Guys if you have lost big money is possible to trace those criminals with their bank accounts number through the approval of payment that they made on our email addresses

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